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murrieta photographer | baby bullies day three

With a 9:30 feeding coming up this day is just about over.ย  It’s been about 60 hours since the babies were born (phew took a calculator for that one, I’m spent!) and that is great cause from what I’ve learned the first 24-48 hours are the most critical. I’ve been learning a lot the past couple of days and it’s been quite the journey so far. Just want to share some photos I was able to capture today…

So I guess you assume you may have a favorite. When I saw their colors I loved the darkest one. Turns out she has some fluid under her skin (slight water baby) so she gets first pick and longest eating time and I have to “pee her” more often. I can’t say that I have a favorite, but she def gets special treatment. She’s made it past the 24 hour period so I’m hoping this little girl is going to be ok…

a little harder than newborns (although I did wait til they were full ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll have to get individuals in more than a days time…melting my heart…Last but not least, momma doing her thing. If she is awake when we start the feeding she sure isn’t about 4 minutes into it. I like to think she is relaxing, but I’d probably block out 6 little ones going for me too!

murrieta photographer | newborn english bulldogs x6

So it’s been a pretty busy day…. Day 60 of Minion’s pregnancy and c-section day.ย  I am so glad she made it full term.ย  Here is a quick head count… more photos than you would ever care to see probably coming over the next 8 weeks!! Love my little babies already.

Mom is doing great…. enjoying her first day as a mommy pretty drugged up!ย  Final Count…. Girls: 2 Boys:4

murrieta child photographer | Ethan+Andrew+Bunny

I had a great mini-day of sessions meeting 3 new families. Ethan is the same age as Jace so that was fun. He was a good little helper:)