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murrieta child photographer | Bella + Lili + Bunny

I’m so glad Bella & Liliana made the trip down here for the bunny pics. I can never get enough of these girls:)

I LOVE Lili looking at the bunny….too funny!!cuteness!…Bella is such a good big sister!I made this for her a while ago and didn’t use it, I figured this session was just the time…So pardon me if I say that if you are hispanic you’ll probably know what these are about. I had to explain them to a couple of sessions prior and I love how mom jumped in with Bella to have to fun at the end of their session. Bella is so cute, she tap-tapped on mom’s head and when it didn’t break she peeled back the paper and sprinkled them on mom’s head. Hello!! One big smash!!:)Fyi – I got these confetti eggs at Walmart instead of making them myself 😉

murrieta child photographer | Elise + Bunny

This was my first time meeting Elise and I am so thrilled with the photos we were able to capture in about the 5 minutes she tolerated me:)     Dang the parents I work with have some style, from nakie to what I would describe as vintage perfection her outfit just matched my set up perfectly.

so I am not one to toot my own horn, as a matter of fact I am pretty rough on myself, but I am tooting away! I love this photo…everything about it! Her look, the bunny, the chair, everything. I love how somethings it all just goes together and creates perfection <3 

murrieta bunny photographer | Butterball & Buttercup

I am laughing at my post title… “bunny photographer” but that’s sure what I feel like.  Hopefully you guys don’t get fur overload cause I’m lovin’ shooting these guys!

So I meant to shoot some photos of them by themselves yesterday, but the day was crazy. I decided to keep them indoors today…

First up is Buttercup, my son’s fav. But if we keep him I’ll probably rename her Sweet Cheeks aka “Trouble”. This little one gave me a run and a scare yesterday…

and Butterball… she (I just call them both girls) is a Lionhead bunny and is such a sweetie. Did amazing at the sessions! I would love to keep her but her grey brother is a little too tempting…

These bunnies along with two other siblings are actually for sale (although I’ll be keeping a couple off the market for now) through Pony Party 4 U