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murrieta baby photographer | Desi’s garden

Originally Nicole wanted something flowery for Desilee’s session, but decided to stay local.ย  So I rummaged up some flowers to bring a little garden to her. She just gets cuter and cuter and I can’t wait til her one year pics!

riverside county baby photographer | one hundreth day

I was so honored to take Olivia’s first official photos on her 100th day of life. She is such a doll and did great through her 3 outfits changes, but she liked just her diaper cover the best…

dad carried her in the basket back to my pile of stuff and was going to take her out from there… I could of just rolled away with her ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

murrieta child photographer | Bella + Lili + Bunny

I’m so glad Bella & Liliana made the trip down here for the bunny pics. I can never get enough of these girls:)

I LOVE Lili looking at the bunny….too funny!!cuteness!…Bella is such a good big sister!I made this for her a while ago and didn’t use it, I figured this session was just the time…So pardon me if I say that if you are hispanic you’ll probably know what these are about. I had to explain them to a couple of sessions prior and I love how mom jumped in with Bella to have to fun at the end of their session. Bella is so cute, she tap-tapped on mom’s head and when it didn’t break she peeled back the paper and sprinkled them on mom’s head. Hello!! One big smash!!:)Fyi – I got these confetti eggs at Walmart instead of making them myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

murrieta child photographer | Ryland + Brynn + Bunny

It was so great to see Ryland & Brynn and the bunny sessions! I haven’t seen them in 9 months since Brynn’s newborn session.

little Brynn-Brynn!!Ryland has gotten so big! He would rather run around with a stick he found than take pics, but we got what we needed:)I’m sure mom wasn’t anticipating being in photos that day, but when she bundled up little Brynn I just had to have a couple of shots. Nothing more beautiful then a momma with her baby…

murrieta child photographer | Tanner + Bunny

Ah, bunny sessions yesterday…. First up is Tanner. So much fun watching this guy grow!

k, so I really wasn’t even ready for this photo, I was just waiting for him to crawl towards me and he stood up. I was snapping, but once mom said that was the first time ever he stood up I was so glad I had a couple of shots! Note to parents, if you want to get your kid up, put him naked in grass! He did the silliest stand/crawl and I think it was because of the grass:)