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a perfectly framed sunday | Murrieta Family Photographer

Cathy wanted a session with all her kids & grand kids together.  It was a beautiful day…a bit chilly, but I’ll take it over any drizzle and rain! This group was great…so photogenic! I always try to get the must have shots done quick before little ones get grumpy, but they did so good we finish the session in less than an hour, I could of shot them all day!! :)

pfsunday1911-21911-11911-3You couldn’t keep these little ones out of the trees….little monkeys!!:)1911-11See….1911-211911-4I’ve had this frame for a while…it was nice to get some use out of it!! 1911-5These crazy love birds are expecting boy #3!! Can’t wait til the newborn session in February if all goes as planned 😉1911-61911-7

Angela & Nathan’s mini-session | Temecula Family Photographer

Mom wanted some pics with her son Nathan who is turning 6 in January.  From what she said…it’s been too long.  Wow it’s crazy the stages kids go through.  He did not want kisses or cuddles from mom, she said it just started a week or so prior cause now he has a girl he likes at school.  I told him you love momma first and you’re allowed to like girls and still love mom 😉 I’m gonna enjoy my hugs and kisses from my little one while I can!  I give him a kiss and he says “thank you for the kisses momma”…I’m sure Nathan will be back on the cuddle track with mom soon!!:)

1281012810-6poor guy, I moved the balloons for a shot and 5 of them flew away, he wanted to save them, I guess the place they went to didn’t do the best tie job…I told him I’ll owe him some next time…12810-112810-2He latched on to these clovers and brought them along for most of the shoot…12810-3My fav….12810-412810-712810-5

Pose & Run | Riverside County Family Photographer

Mom is a new fan on the facebook page and when thinking what I wanted to title their session I took a trip to her “wall”.  She posted about her session “Ryan wanted to pose for everything and Will wanted to run away”….which was so true…so that’s it!!:)  She attributed Ryan’s posing to years at Sears for portraits and what two year old (besides a photographer’s son) would want to post for pics!!  Again…had fun chasing and caught some  smiles.  Ryan wanted to run free of mom, dad or brother’s arms. 😉


May we give our children roots to grow | Murrieta Family Photographer

“May we give our children roots to grow and wings to fly”…..this is what Christine wants along with a photo of her family in their home.  That’s what the mission of this session was.  Of course we did individuals of each kids, mom with girls, dad with boys, just mom and dad and every other combo we could imagine.  I have to say and I hope she is reading…their family looks complete!!  It really does, she has her boys and I really don’t think they could find a car to fit more babies.  Plus they look really happy.

Here are my favorites….

They call themselves “The Great Big Mejia Family”:)9710-19710-3This was also my first time meeting Ben, so we wanted to be sure to get lots of photos of him by himself…9710-49710-59710-69710-7

love, love, love….I want one like this!9710ok, so this little guy is 10 months old and already walking….being that we noticed he was missing a shoe as we were walking through the brush and naked piggies are so cute, we let him go for it!9710-89710-99710-10

September 8, 2010 - 10:59 am

thegreatbigmejiafami - Just what I always wanted!!!!

September 30, 2010 - 11:43 am

Mexia family | Inland Empire Photographer • Claremont

Cutie little girls with their mom and dad.  Sometimes clients ask what they should wear for a session and I think this family did it perfect.  Coordinating colors, but not matchy-matchy.  As we were walking up a little path to get where we were going she asked “what’s that smell mom”….nature mom said 😉   It was fun watching her keep her eye out to see what animals/critters we were going to come across.  Thanks so much for having me to photograph your family and a special thanks to Angela for sending them my way!


July 17, 2010 - 10:27 am

angela - Angel, the pics are adorable… I don’t expect anything less from you… I’m desperate for you to take some pics of Bella, she is such a big girl… Thanks for taking care of my favorite people.

July 18, 2010 - 8:49 am

angel - Angela – Thank you! And thanks so much for sending them my way. I miss little Bella…shooting you an email now about your discounts for referring a few people my way :)