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temecula family photographer | Chelsie + family

Chelsie went to preschool with Jace and it was so great to see her and meet her family for their first photo session with mom, dad and Chelsie together. This little on is fast and kept me on my toes, but it’s what I love to do!

Chelsie’s name comes first in this post, because let’s face it, it was all pretty much about her  😉

and of course some individuals with just mom and some couple time… ♥

temecula child photographer | O-N-E more!

So many cute babies turning one this year and I am so honored to capture this little wanderers!!

Alyssa is such a cute baby… mom kept commenting that she was loving having her photos taken and she so was! She missed her nap and was still as happy as could be having her photo taken, too bad her beautiful momma was too sick to join in for some family photos.

love these ones…she wasn’t too into her cupcake, but dad sure was into some frosting after she had her way with it   😉


riverside county child photographer | eating roses

It was such a pleasure meeting Alicia and her family. I took way too many photos…. I couldn’t help it, she’s too cute!!
some photos of the big one year old with her baby photo  😉oh and by the way, the photo on the right is right before she decided to “taste” the roses :)my favorite series…. love!!