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riverside county child photographer | eating roses

It was such a pleasure meeting Alicia and her family. I took way too many photos…. I couldn’t help it, she’s too cute!!
some photos of the big one year old with her baby photo  😉oh and by the way, the photo on the right is right before she decided to “taste” the roses :)my favorite series…. love!!

murrieta child photographer | into year two…

Tanner is ONE!! It has been so great seeing this little guy grow up the past 12 months. I’m going to miss not being able to see him every three months, but luckily for facebook I will be able to stay updated!

here are my faves from his first 4 sessions… newborn, 3 month, 6 month and 9 month…

orange county child photographer | kissy face + patty-cake

Jacob is one! It does seems like a while since I did his newborn session, so maybe it’s just been a crazy busy year for me. I know it flew by for mom & dad! Jacob is so cute and his eyes are TO DIE FOR!! ♥

i love it when he got it all stuck in his fingers and ended up clapping his hands for the first time…he was pretty happy with himself   😉kissy face!!the only thing he likes better than reading his books with mom and dad is tossing them all off the stack…he’s done his modeling for the day and is ready to head home for cuddle time… ♥

riverside county child photographer | Jason+Kayley+Bunny

If you think bunnies are fast you should see these two in action.  They. are. QUICK!  I absolutely loved the location for this session which was grandma’s house. A gorgeous home built in 1927 which was also the setting for Jason & Kayley’s parent’s wedding a few years ago.

here’s grandma… aka bunny sitter, thank you so much for taking care of the furry one while we were running around   😉

one of the couple of times I got him to look at the camera… he was blowing bubbles at me :)