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murrieta child photographer | Ethan+Andrew+Bunny

I had a great mini-day of sessions meeting 3 new families. Ethan is the same age as Jace so that was fun. He was a good little helper:)


murrieta child photographer | Ryland + Brynn + Bunny

It was so great to see Ryland & Brynn and the bunny sessions! I haven’t seen them in 9 months since Brynn’s newborn session.

little Brynn-Brynn!!Ryland has gotten so big! He would rather run around with a stick he found than take pics, but we got what we needed:)I’m sure mom wasn’t anticipating being in photos that day, but when she bundled up little Brynn I just had to have a couple of shots. Nothing more beautiful then a momma with her baby…

murrieta child photographer | Elise + Bunny

This was my first time meeting Elise and I am so thrilled with the photos we were able to capture in about the 5 minutes she tolerated me:)     Dang the parents I work with have some style, from nakie to what I would describe as vintage perfection her outfit just matched my set up perfectly.

so I am not one to toot my own horn, as a matter of fact I am pretty rough on myself, but I am tooting away! I love this photo…everything about it! Her look, the bunny, the chair, everything. I love how somethings it all just goes together and creates perfection <3