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inland empire family photographer | two + two

Meet the Fosters…. little miss is turning two and they are expecting baby number 2 in February.  Will Madison have a baby brother or a baby sister?  Mumms the word until their reveal next weekend, so I’ll be leaving a few photos out of this post:)

A special thank you to Krysta for sending them my way…let me know when you are ready to redeem your $50 print credit!

scrunchie face!!I love how little she looked in a few of the areas we shot in…

desert flower | san bernardino family photographer

Oh how I’ve missed this little face!! Last time I saw Bella she wasn’t walking or talking and now she’s gonna be 3 soon!  What a perfect session too….awesome location, great lighting, beautiful family and hello…awesome props by me! 😉  Well wind blown props at that…it was so windy, we got what we could until little Bella got too cold.  I love the images we got in such a short amount of time….

bella66116611-16611-2as if we needed anymore wind, Bella thought she’d add some 😉6611-36611-4rockin’ the accessories..6611-5I said it was so windy we were going to blow away…Bella grabbed her mom and said “it’s ok mommy…I got you”6611-66611-7I love how she knew my name and practiced her cheese…but her serious face is so beautiful….6611-106611-86611-96611-11next time I see them they will probably be a family of 4!!  Congrats to you guys for your baby girl on the way:)6611-12

plaid one with curls | Riverside child photographer

It’s been a whole year since I’ve seen him and Miles is now one!!  I have a great time catching up with this family and I’m so glad to hear that they have been taking lots of snapshots over this past year.  I have snapshots and sessions of Jace, the one area I’m slacking in?….video, I must get more video.  I love photos, but they can’t capture the little voices.  Anyhow on to my favs of Miles and his family…

miles-onem-1m-1-1I love these ones with Miles in his cloth diaper…m-1-3m-1-4my fav 😉m-1-5m-1-10Kimi picked up these cute cupcakes 😉m-1-9m-1-7m-1-8hope to see you next year cutie!!m-1-6

May 3, 2011 - 2:49 pm

Jamie - He’s a beautiful little man!!! Good job girly!

in her world | Orange County Child Photographer

Sidnee is two!  I haven’t seen her since her Halloween session in ’09.  I’m lovin’ catching up with these little ones and more are coming soon!  They moved about a year ago and wanted their session in the ease of their new (and beautiful) back yard.  I think the funniest part of the session was when she got to eat her cupcake and I asked if she wanted to share with her “friends” and she slowly moved across the yard to her car in the corner.  I told Kati it reminded me of when puppies get treats and they go in the corner to eat them so no one gets what they got! Such a cutie!

sidnee-24211142111-142111-242111-342111-442111-542111-6she decided she would rather color the board than hold it…42111-742111-842111-9when I asked mom if Sidnee had any friends in her room…she said “yeah, but he’s not cute, he’s her best friend and we’ve had to sew his hat back on a few times”…all that matters is that he is cute to her:)42111-10as I was packing up to head out she pulled this black chair from her room…all I did was move it to a better spot…42111-11

April 23, 2011 - 10:29 am

Jenn - OMG! How cute!! as always…Love your work!!!

May 11, 2011 - 12:36 pm

Michelle - Adorable pictures! ..and I don’t care what anyone says, her best friend is awesome! 😛 Go Halos! tee hee! Cute story! :)

little almonds | Inland Empire Photographer

3 boys…. 2.5, 1 and 7 days old.  Mom and Dad have their hands full but they are doing so great at it.  The last session we did was the extended family and Jennifer was expecting at the time so we set up a session to do newborn and Jackson’s 1 year.

little-almondslanewest addition…. baby Chasela-1la-2la-3la-4la-5la-6la-7la-8la-9la-10la-11la-12la-13I came across an almond orchard in Lake Elsinore and fell in love! We shot there for about 20 minutes until we politely got kicked out.  He told us they a have been there for 70 years but the county is taking over.  They used to send almonds to See’s Candies in Los Angeles. la-14chaseJackson is 1 now!!:)la-15la-16la-17la-18