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Miguel and Christine +6 | Temecula Maternity Photographer

The last time I did a session for Christine, Megan was a two months old.  She was talking about wanting just one more to try for another son.  Well they went for it and now she is pregnant with their 6th child and…’s a BOY!!  Jon and Kate have nothing on them.  They had 2 pregnancies for 8 kids….Miguel and Christine are going on 6…all one by one!

Here’s what Christine says about her family on their Great Big Family Blog:  Happily married and raising 5 1/2 children together. Four girls and one boy. To answer the famous question, “Are you done yet,” well… it depends on who you ask. Over here, our cup has runneth over with babies. Babies, babies, lots of babies.  Nope, we’re not Mormon, just 2 imperfect out of control high school sweethearts. We’re a hard workin, camping lovin’, house huntin’, photo takin’, God seeking, ‘oh and child rearn’ kind of couple.81209-881209-481209-381209-2181209-781209-15812091381209-1481209-2081209-12

Expecting 2 girls & 1 boy | Inland Empire Maternity Photographer

Corinne and Chris just celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary and they are expecting triplets at the end of this month!  Even though Corine is on modified bed rest, she wants to enjoy every minute, getting the 4D sonograms, maternity photos, etc. since it might only take one pregnancy to complete their family!! 762009762009-1762009-2762009-3762009-4762009-5762009-6762009-7762009-8762009-9

July 8, 2009 - 2:12 pm

Chris' Mom - I love the pictures!!
So cute that you got “Belle” (the dog)–the only baby in the house right now–in the picture, too.
You do great work!
Thank you for sharing!!

July 22, 2009 - 4:38 am

Susie - You did an awesome job capturing this beautiful mama in waiting! Can’t wait to see how you capture the triplets!

August 15, 2009 - 11:25 am

gracie - Good luck! I love your dog, he or she is very cute!

Sarah+Justin | Riverside County Maternity Photography

As I left my house Sunday in the horrendous wind I was hoping for Sarah that it was not so windy at the Mission Inn in Riverside.  It was still pretty windy over there, but it didn’t affect us too much.  We walked a couple of streets and then headed up to their room for a few more intimate photos.  Sarah was pretty much ready for a break at that point!  I can’t wait to meet their baby girl!

1110811108-811108-111108-2111108-711108-311108-411108-5Hey hot mama! 😉11108-6

Tony+Kati | Orange County Photographer

Kati and Tony are expecting their first child in just a few short weeks.  So it was time for some maternity photos.  These two were easy going and up for anything.  This was their first trip to this musuem even though they live close by so we just wandered around the check it all out.



I asked Kati if she wanted to do any with her bare belly.  She asked “is that cute” … I think so!1408-61408-111408-71408-8