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murrieta photographer | growing Charlie-Bun

So my little Charlie-Bun has been pretty darn sweet this week… a little too much: nibbling my ankles with little bites and “kisses”, biting on my slippers and “honking at me”. Well it turns out the little guy has reached maturity and it’s time to get him neutered before I keep him locked in his cage! He’s cute, but he’s starting to bug!

here comes another storm…

Hot, hotter, super hot, cloudy, stormy, cooler, humid, repeat….

I got out the “good camera” instead of my iPhone to snap a few pics and got this…

Instead of this from my iPhone (which was taken about an hour before the ones above)…

the iPhone is super handy, but I am trying to figure out if I should get out the Canon 5D Mark II for some sunset shots.

Minion-Love Bulldogs site is live!

Happy Friday everyone! I started working on a blog just for all my bulldog photos. Still lots of work to do, but you can check it out here at:

Thank you for all the following and support of our baby bullies. I will be posting any updates on that site from now on. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!!

menifee child photographer | heading to kindergarten

I know the past couple of weeks have been full of facebook posts about graduating kids moving up to the next grade… well now it’s my turn. My 5 year old just graduated preschool and will be starting kindergarten in a couple of months… YIKES!!

His class sang quite a few songs and he was having none of it… “everyone will be looking at me” so he just sat there looking quite miserable… until the last pic (his classmates starting speaking in the microphone about what they want to be when they grow up)

it was so hot, but just a couple of pics in his class before he ditched his cap and gown  :)

he most most excited about keeping his tassel….

this video pretty much says it all…

Jace’s Pre-k graduation from Angel Gutierrez on Vimeo.