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english bulldog puppies {for sale}

My babies are two weeks old today and it is time to let the world know that they will be ready for their forever homes in 6 weeks! I told myself I would take my time and take some photos and have them posted by the middle of the week… instead I snapped today and I am too impatient to wait to share!

There are 4 boys and 2 girls to choose from

Price: $2,000 for pet registration | $2,500 for full breeding rights

              {All puppies come with a free mini-session at your choice of age up to 1 year}

A non refundable deposit of $500 is necessary to hold your pup

Puppies will be available for viewing in person after June 13th (Contact Angel – 951.757.2382)


Hudini’s Pedigree   |  Minion’s Pedigree

Nicki {light red} – female


Cana {dark fawn brindle with black mask} – female


Bray  {fawn brindle with white markings} – male


Stellar {light red} – male


Charlie {light red} – male


Seven {fawn pied} – male

I will be taking update photos of these little guys as they grow to 8 weeks old. This week they are working on opening their eyes and using their legs!



murrieta photographer | baby bullies day three

With a 9:30 feeding coming up this day is just about over.  It’s been about 60 hours since the babies were born (phew took a calculator for that one, I’m spent!) and that is great cause from what I’ve learned the first 24-48 hours are the most critical. I’ve been learning a lot the past couple of days and it’s been quite the journey so far. Just want to share some photos I was able to capture today…

So I guess you assume you may have a favorite. When I saw their colors I loved the darkest one. Turns out she has some fluid under her skin (slight water baby) so she gets first pick and longest eating time and I have to “pee her” more often. I can’t say that I have a favorite, but she def gets special treatment. She’s made it past the 24 hour period so I’m hoping this little girl is going to be ok…

a little harder than newborns (although I did wait til they were full 😉 I’ll have to get individuals in more than a days time…melting my heart…Last but not least, momma doing her thing. If she is awake when we start the feeding she sure isn’t about 4 minutes into it. I like to think she is relaxing, but I’d probably block out 6 little ones going for me too!

inland empire photographer | are we doing pics tonight momma?

You know you are behind photos when your 4 year old is bugging you for a session! Luckily I pretty much always have an outfit on hand that has just been waiting for a session before he wears it anywhere else. I’ve been needing to do a session for a while, but it’s been hot and I’m sure you have a hard time getting your handyman husband to do any fixing around the house. Same with me, hard for me to get in my own photos. So we threw on some clothes and hit the road for a few random spots. I plan on doing a couple of more sessions when I am ready to plan a drive a bit farther 😉

Jace is 4 now…. he has a deep somewhat raspy voice, he loves Nick Toons now, watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid 4 times last weekend, loved the Rio moved we just watched, love to say “can we go cuddle in your room and watch cartoons momma”, loves his iPod and his little speakers I just got him to plug in, was singing Lil Wayne’s how to love in the car today and got called a Woody Wood Pecker with his crazy laugh at Costco when we were playing “copy cater”. Sometimes I wonder how I can love someone so much…then he’ll have a 4 year old moment which is good so I don’t eat him alive:)

i love this one…it was so hard for me to get him to do a “normal” face without smiling or sucking in his lips…he looks so serious:)we went to check this out which turned out to be a water tower from the 40’sput em up!!when I got him dressed I was telling him how nice he looked…he said “I look like a Rock Star”:)he loves these old school balloons that Jarrett got him…give me that face!!!jace + momma 😉

father’s day {grateful}

So yesterday was Father’s Day and I spent the day with my love, the kids and not the computer!  This is the first year that the day has meant anything to me in a long time.  This is my first Father’s Day knowing my dad is no longer here.  For years I guessed on where he was and if he was even still alive and after 17 years I have my answers.  I can think about it daily, the lost time, the regrets, feeling bad for the fact that he had a stroke a couple of years after we last spoke and he felt it was God’s way of putting some silence in his life, that I didn’t get more time with him now.  But I need to remember to be grateful for the time I did have.  That we were reunited before the doctors told us that there was no hope left to be had and that I got to hear my dad tell me he loved me and missed me and that I was able to tell him the same and mean it with no grudges.  Unconditional true love is so hard to have especially when you are not in contact with your family or if you are not close.  It felt good to feel that for the few weeks I had with him.  I am grateful for whatever closure I gained, the time I had with him, that he still thought of my daily (he had my school id’s in his wallet) and all the wonderful memories that came back from being in touch with him and the items he passed on to me that I thought I’d never have.  Until recently I had one photo of my dad.  Every once in a while I’ll get upset and cry, then I remember to look at this as a positive experience and smile.  Things don’t always work out the way you want and you just have to push on.  Common sense, but something I’ve really grasped the past couple of years.

Love you dad, I hope you have the peace you were looking for and as promised I take you with me into the future.