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easy Easter eggs | Murrieta Photographer

While at Costco today Jace and I picked up some eggs…about 60 to be exact!  So we got all the kids together and colored eggs today.  I didn’t have any die kits on hand, so I hit the internet and found a way to get it done without heading out the the store…again.

First we used Crayons!  Take the eggs out of the hot water then use crayons to draw (I also made some shavings to sprinkle) and they melt right on.  I really like this one…who doesn’t have more crayons than they need?!:)

Then we “marbleized” them by mixing food coloring, white vinegar and cooking oil.  Dump em, dry em, dump em again.  Easy and a little slippery but fun!

Loved the simple easy…items already on hand egg coloring this year.  Think I’ll do it again next year maybe with some new ideas 😉


Jace {four} | Superhero Birthday Party

My little monster is 4! He is getting big too quick! Here are a few highlights from his Superhero Party that he shared with his Aunt Jenn since her b-day is in April too. Special thanks to my loved ones for any and all help!!

j4j4-1I got his cake from Sugar Rush Delights in Murrieta.  It was so cute and tasted even better than it looked! It was Red Velvet (Jace’s fav for the past month or so) with cookies and cream filling.  Wish I had a pic of the inside to share 😉j4-2marshmallow gun game…was a good idea at the time!j4-3Fun Booth highlights…j4-4j4-5j4-6my mom rocked it out!!j4-10j4-8pretty much how his gift unwrapping went…lots of kisses and “I WANTED THAT MY WHOLE LIFE!!” 😉j4-9img_0387-copyAfter he blew out his candles he decided to take a little nibble out of the cake so they had him do it again and he got more than what he wanted!! 😉dddtitled-1

April 20, 2011 - 12:20 pm

Jenn - So much fun!! I love the pics :) can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you for everything!!!