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in her world | Orange County Child Photographer

Sidnee is two!  I haven’t seen her since her Halloween session in ’09.  I’m lovin’ catching up with these little ones and more are coming soon!  They moved about a year ago and wanted their session in the ease of their new (and beautiful) back yard.  I think the funniest part of the session was when she got to eat her cupcake and I asked if she wanted to share with her “friends” and she slowly moved across the yard to her car in the corner.  I told Kati it reminded me of when puppies get treats and they go in the corner to eat them so no one gets what they got! Such a cutie!

sidnee-24211142111-142111-242111-342111-442111-542111-6she decided she would rather color the board than hold it…42111-742111-842111-9when I asked mom if Sidnee had any friends in her room…she said “yeah, but he’s not cute, he’s her best friend and we’ve had to sew his hat back on a few times”…all that matters is that he is cute to her:)42111-10as I was packing up to head out she pulled this black chair from her room…all I did was move it to a better spot…42111-11

April 23, 2011 - 10:29 am

Jenn - OMG! How cute!! as always…Love your work!!!

May 11, 2011 - 12:36 pm

Michelle - Adorable pictures! ..and I don’t care what anyone says, her best friend is awesome! 😛 Go Halos! tee hee! Cute story! :)

easy Easter eggs | Murrieta Photographer

While at Costco today Jace and I picked up some eggs…about 60 to be exact!  So we got all the kids together and colored eggs today.  I didn’t have any die kits on hand, so I hit the internet and found a way to get it done without heading out the the store…again.

First we used Crayons!  Take the eggs out of the hot water then use crayons to draw (I also made some shavings to sprinkle) and they melt right on.  I really like this one…who doesn’t have more crayons than they need?!:)

Then we “marbleized” them by mixing food coloring, white vinegar and cooking oil.  Dump em, dry em, dump em again.  Easy and a little slippery but fun!

Loved the simple easy…items already on hand egg coloring this year.  Think I’ll do it again next year maybe with some new ideas 😉


The Handley & Holland Families | Corona Photographer

What can I say?   Meet the Handley/Holland Family.  I’ve know Jenn and her family since we were in junior high.  Jenn and I actuall met for the first time in 5th grade (thanks for reminding me Jenn, I have a bad memory).  She wanted to get her boys, her dad and her brother’s family together for a family picture.  The boys weren’t having it too much, but we got a few good ones 😉