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murrieta photographer | growing Charlie-Bun

So my little Charlie-Bun has been pretty darn sweet this week… a little too much: nibbling my ankles with little bites and “kisses”, biting on my slippers and “honking at me”. Well it turns out the little guy has reached maturity and it’s time to get him neutered before I keep him locked in his cage! He’s cute, but he’s starting to bug!

murrieta engagement photographer | April+Justin

Congrats to these two young lovebirds!! After 6 years of dating April and Justin are engaged ♥

It was a cool 63 degrees and for a minute there and two streets over it was starting to rain, but isn’t the whole point of holiday photos to bundle up a bit? Loved the weather…

hmmm, I know a couple of other lovebirds whose initials are J+A, I may have to print the one on the left for my house   😉



inland empire photographer | watch your step

Amanda and her daughter Jordan were in some need of some family photos and I am so glad they contacted me to do them! We all put photos off too much! It was a little surreal taking photos of Amanda’s 13 year old daughter since we met around that time and girls are so dang girly nowadays  😉